Friday, September 19, 2008

Retarded Carnies & Lars Ulrich

Retarded Carnies & Lars Ulrich

El Inmigrante

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At the beginning of this episode of Back of the Bus Podcast we ran out of beer and had to make trip to the liquor store. On the way to the store we passed by a bar with a banner for the US Air Guitar Championshipsso how could we not talk about that.

Also we discuss Shawn "The Napster" Fanning and Lars "The Douche" Ulrich.

This show is parody and therefore all characters and events in this podcast, even those based on real people, are entirely fictional.

In this episode we play:

1. Insane Poetry - Fallen From Grace - Can You Feel My Pain Amazon

2. Celph Titled feat. Cashmere The Pro & Oktober - The Archive: Volume One - Clap MySpace

3. Brother Ali - The Archive: Volume One - Walking Away MySpace

4. Tomc3 & Prince Po - The Archive: Volume One - Lessons In Drama MySpace

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