Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to get the FREE podcast

How to get the FREE podcast automatically. You DON’T need an iPod.

Zune, iTunes, .xml and .mp3 explained.

If you were lucky enough to get a new Zune mp3 player now you can easily subscribe in Microsoft’s proprietary software over at the Zune Market place. Mahalo to 808Talk for showing us how to make the jinky ass subscribe link. As if you couldn’t already tell we don’t have a clue what were doing, so any help is greatly appreciated, especially when it comes to anything resembling code.

How to subscribe: Zune
If you have a Zune you must Get the Zune Software (free). Now click on our Free Image Hosting Zune chicklet which will take you to the Zune Market place and load our show in the Zune software and our show will sync on your new Zune player when ever we release. Please let us know if this is broken because we don’t know how to use Windows.

How to subscribe: iTunes

Download iTunes (free)
Open iTunes
Click on iTunes Subscribe Image Hosted by
chicklet on our homepage.
Now whenever we release a new show it will magically appear in iTunes for your enjoyment.

XML –Who is this for? Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Firefox, Google, Juice, etc…

It’s for you and it’s our raw feed, open source subscription if you will. This feed will work in iTunes (Apple) Zune (Windows) or who ever it is tomorrow, it will never change unless podshow screws us, but I don’t think Adam will do that. Right click on the chicklet and copy into your preferred reader. Free Image Hosting

Just want the free manually downloaded .mp3?

Every time we release a new show you will see a link called Download mp3 right click and Save as and the file will download to your computer.

And finally, to those of you on Linux, maybe you could help me out. I downloaded Ice Podder but don’t have a clue how to use Ubuntu. Is this even the right podcatcher to be using in 2008?

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