Thursday, June 12, 2008

Literally Beating Dead Horses

Literally Beating Dead Horses

Please Recycle

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What is the level of tolerance that is acceptable in our great city of San Francisco? Why is O.K. to smoke crack in the street but you get yelled at for not recycling? Find out what is and isn't acceptable tonight on Back of the Bus Podcast.

In this episode we play:

1. Jazz Liberatorz - Clin d'oeil - The Return Feat. Sadat X Amazon

2. Recluse Crew And Synoptic Pressure - The Art Of Raw Sound - Concrete HHV

3. Lords Of The Underground - House Of Lords - Certified (Produced by Rise) Amazon

4. Afu-ra - Shaolin Sound - Stick Up MySpace

Promo from Anji Bee

This weeks album art provided by wemeantdemocracy

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