Friday, May 16, 2008

#36 D.U.I. on a Bicycle


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This is what the media looks like without restraints.

We try to give some shout-outs but as we don’t have a script and we didn’t take any notes, it’s a train wreck. Please send all hate mail to backofthebuspodcast on the Google mail attention SaulGood.

We also mention a fellow podcaster that you should go listen to, link below.

In this episode we play:

1. Kool G Rap - Half A Klip - Turn It Out
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Kool G Rap - Half A Klip

2. Dr. Rek - The Business of Absurdity - More Cowbell

3. Blue Sky Black Death - Razah's Ladder - Halos
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Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah - Razahs Ladder (w/ FREE The Dirtnap Mix CD!)

4. 9th Wonder & Buckshot - The FORMULA - Hold It Down ft. Talib Kweli and Tyler Woods Amazon

The Chillcast with Anji Bee

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