Sunday, January 27, 2008

Run (#020 Back of the Bus Podcast)

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Podcasting from a wet cardboard box in the Richmond District of San Francisco, this is the Back of the Bus.

After the recent storm that blew threw the city we reflect upon the homeless population. If the storm blew trees over and caused land slides, what is the effect upon the homeless? How do they survive? What have you done to help your fellow man in need?

We have listeners from all around the globe and know that homelessness isn't just a problem here, so get involved by finding what you can do for those less fortunate in your city. Food Not Bombs needs every penny you can send. Every evening they serve dinner to those in need. There may be a local Food Not Bombs in your town. Check it out.

Tracks in the episode:

1. Black Milk - Popular Demand - Sound The Alarm (feat. Guilty Simpson)

2. Sweatshop Union - United We Fall - Close To Home

3. Ratatat - Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 - Ghostface Killah & Jadakiss (Ratatat) - Run

4. Ryu & Tak - Sublime3 - Mind Bullets (FQ Remix)

5. Black Sheep - Sublime3 - B-Boy Theme

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