Monday, January 21, 2008

The Black Colonel Sanders (#019 Back of the Bus Podcast)

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Tonight we talk about how the San Francisco Chronicle has portrayed the victims of the recent deadly attack at the San Francisco Zoo and an encounter with The Black Colonel Sanders.

1. Buddy Wakefield - Run On Anything - Convenience Store

2. Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children - Pure Essence - Third Rock

We'd like to give a big mahalo to Jules for finding this Stones Throw track.

3. Pocket Dwellers - Lifecheck - Ask Somebody

San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack!

4. Non Phixion - The Future Is Now - Say Goodbye to Yesterday

5. Promo from Urban Outside

6. Todays Album Art kindly provided by anarchosyn

If you can't find it, you know how we do it.

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mikeypod said...

holy shit. fucking great show!

Back of the Bus Podcast said...

Thanks for stopping by. I need to remember to carry my camera when I go to the store because incidents like we encountered in this episode are an almost regular occurrences.