Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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This episode says what is on our mind about the state of the Demonacracy we live. Listen to what we say and let us know if we've got our facts straight.

Sabac Red - 1st Amendment (ft. Critical Madness)

gENSu dEAn - cl smooth - terrorism

Glue - State of the World

Roc 'C' - Hear Me Now

Atmosphere - They Call it a Pun

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0607 said...

I was so curious for the next episode! Really! And you did exceed all my expectations!! Damn this Atmosphere song kinda rocks?! Straight forward.. Sonic speed. (have they been tuning public buses in SF? *grin*)

Man, there are no doubts you mixed the best music available. Beats that go directly into veins and rhymes teasing ears.. and not to forget of course obvious samples :)

It's a mess that I am no native English speaker.. so I don't really get all of the rhymes. But however couldn't ever think of a straighter expression of your facts! You really rock!

Cheers and peace.

Back of the Bus Podcast said...

Sometimes mindless music is good but music with a meaning is where the power and inspiration is found. I only wish the radio would play music with a message.