Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cell Phone People

Episode 5 - Cell Phone People

Tonight we talk a little about what it takes to ride on the back of the bus (the 38) with crazy people that don’t like cell phones.

Amazon Cyne - Evolution Fight - Soapbox

Amazon Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth - Daylight

Amazon Apathy - Where's Your Album - It Takes A Seven Nation Army to Hold us Back

Amazon Sunspot Jones - Back In Black – She

Boom Bab – Circumstance Dictates - Writers Guild

We wish you luck finding Boom Bab – it took a while digging through the used racks at Amoeba to find this one.

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0607 said...

Goddamn, I'd really like to have been along the scene you described.. Man, SF public transport --that really shocks me!

Keep the Back of the Bus driving :)

Back of the Bus Podcast said...

I always tell people that to truly visit the city you must ride the bus for at least 45 minutes. Preferably the 38 or N Judah.